How can an artist get the essential sense of life? By taking the path of inner metamorphosis. By becoming a pilgrim of the impossible , who completes the act for the duration of a moment. An act which experiences the mutation of an unknown order. Reminiscences that remind of an antic order.

With 'A Stone's Metamorphoses' Helene Avramidis takes us with her on a path of geometry , which turns out to be a support for an inner search. The modern western world and its over-the-top consumerist materialism have forgotten that they were originally created by societies based on the ecclesiastic.

Thus , apart from the famous theorem that characterized him, Pythagoras was a philosopher in the very sense of the word's meaning – a friend of wisdom , who had many students that were initiated in his Hieros Logos according to which the number was the centre of the world. However , which number is to be the centre of the world , if not the one that imprints the direction of mathematics towards the infinite – i.e. right straight into the heart of the world.

Helene Avramidis finds the deep link that unites the idea with act , thinking with doing , the profane with the ecclesiastic. She unfolds a single stone cuboid by applying three cuts and thus obtains four parts that she consequently combines in a unique way based on the diversity of potential forms.

This immaculately beautiful piece of art immerses itself in the rushing silence of unknown words and phrases.

In moments that constantly twinkle anew we experience the living Flush of the Greek myths – the very Flush in the course of which Deukalion and Pyrrha threw the Mighty Mother's bones behind their shoulders in order to populate planet Earth again. These bones are in fact the stones they found in the loose soil the water had just pulled back from. They were then lying next to the chtonic fire and communicated to the artist the very precise gesture that provides her work with its meaning.

And what would happen if the temple unfolded in the times of digital communication and spread its metamorphoses that constitute all potential forms of the undividable One across the surface of our Earth? Helene Avramidis is realizing this way of the impossible.

– Catherine Borrini, Paris, March 2005